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Windows is doing what?

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Day two at $new_job and I was ask the question that is asked of all the recent newbies apparently: "Got any ideas why some windows boxes trigger security alerts within the network, by sending traffic from random MAC addresses?" My answer: "Not got a scooby, but I'll have a look" :grin: All I had to go ...

Project Honeynet Challenges

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Just been reminded that Project Honeynet resurrected their challenges. If you're a packet monkey or log hound like me they're well worth taking a look at. One of the best things about them are the explanations put up after a challenge has been won are informative, so even if you're not going to win any prizes ...

Weird behaviour from a Russian search engine

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I spend probably far too much time trawling my logs looking for odd behavior. Now I don't get much traffic here, but I'm a Yorkshireman so I'm stingy with my bandwidth, so I'll happily add search engines to my robots.txt or block them at the firewall if they get too greedy and trawl the site too ...