Jack of all trades,
Master of none,
Often better than a master of one

Father, Husband, Geek.

Lover of bacon, coffee and doughnuts.

I'm a tech obsessed geek from the North of England. I like breaking things, making things, mending things and making things do other things.

I have worked in IT for over ten years, mostly within the education sector. During which time I've looked after networks, small systems, frickin huge systems, replaced toner cartridges and mice balls (remember them?), coded, done web design, system design, stopped people getting to things, showed people how to get to things, got to things I shouldn't have in order to show people how to stop people getting to things. I have talked people scared of computers through how to find rouge devices on thier networks from the comfort of my office. I have written technical manuals for complex domain configuration. I have patiently told people that they should probably turn off the machine that's belching black smoke if the smell is putting them off their work, or if they don't want the office to burn down, and tried to get students to understand that libraries aren't just stuffy places where they keep the dead trees.

In a short while I'm joining the QA dept for Bic brios.

When I can I drop in to Leeds Hackspace, where people to gather to share their knowledge of making and breaking things. And build siege weapons. And drink beer.

I also tend to do any and every challenge put out by Cyber Security Challenge. I try and write walkthroughs for any cipher they pose, once I've done it and the deadline has passed.

I'm always open to interesting job offers, drop me a line. channon (AT)

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