Hyper-V causing BSoD

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Just because I couldn't for the life of me find anyone who had the same BCCode in the same circumstances from a BSoD I thought I should put my fix up here, just incase I can stop some other poor sod going through the things I did.

Dell Poweredge T610
Dual 6 core Xeon 5650 2.66GHz
Win 2008 R2 enterprise 64bit (fully patched)
Latest BIOS

When starting (or restarting) a VM in Hyper-V the host system BSoDs with the following:

BCCode: 20001
BC1: 11
BC2: 0
BC3: 1067
BC4: FFFF800001A2E50

Additionally, VMs that do start never get beyond the "Hyper-V" splash screen

Chipset driver 5520/5500 was on version: 9.1.0.x - upgraded to (latest)
This had to be d/l'ed from Dell as Windows Update did not have latest version.

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