Brumcon 9

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I spent this Saturday in Birmingham at Brum 2600's annual hacker con. It being my first I had no idea what to expect, so i wasn't disappointed ;)

I think there must have been about 40 attendees from various backgrounds, with quite a large contingent from the Chaos Computer Club from Germany (Who very graciously invited some of the Leeds Hackspace posse over for a visit!).

The talks were also nicely broad in scope (from Hackspaces to using and abusing social network sites to flaws in the Trusted Computing Model) so I had a healthy mix of fully comprehending the topic, and getting lost on the opening slide. I've not got links to the slide packs or code that was released but hopefully I Brum2600 will link to them at some point. I may even pop back and edit this then.

Post talks people busied themselves with ripping pics from passports, social engineering pizza into the hotel (BTW, bin bags and DVD players are the hi-viz jacket and clip board of the pizza world), trying to work out just how many places between us we still had the keys for and introducing the CCC to Mark Thomas.

Oh, and drinking.

I left that evening with three more events on the radar, ideas for a project/talk, and a request for my CV, so all in all a good day.

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